Walking in the Light #135 The First Day of Fall by Walking out of darkness into the Light

You know it is Fall in Florida when the license plates change color.  Today is the first day of Fall, my favorite season.  You would never know it by the temperatures in Florida as we are still having 90 degree days with 85 degree nights.  The calendar says it is Fall – time for the harvest.

It’s been 879 days since I left my family and moved out on my own.  That’s 126 week-ends and 23 holidays.  I’ve gone from being the black sheep of my family to most of the family asking me to be “friends” on Facebook.  I guess that is forgiveness.  I’ve gone from having no Miss Manners guide-book on acceptable dysfunctional family interaction to writing my own rules of engagement with the Lord’s help.

I’ve struggled through a lot of soul-searching, deep revelation about who and what I am.  I can’t say that I’m proud of my past but I can say that I see improvement.  I see a glimmer of the woman I was meant to be.  I’m not there but at least I’m not where I used to be.  I wrestle with myself and the Lord frequently and above all else, I’m grateful beyond all measure for the healing I’ve received.

Its Fall and time for the harvest.  What does your harvest look like?



Author: walkinginlightsite

I'm a new Christian with a passionate goal to become Christlike. The journey is incrediable. Sharing is part of that journey.

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